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Clergy Tax



  1. Copy of all W-2's and 1099's from payers.  


  1. Other income - gifts, professional fees & services.   


  1. Copy of employment contract(s).      


  1. Housing information:  Parsonage/rental/owned residence.  Amount of housing allowance or fair rental value of parsonage.  See attached list of housing expenses to be sure that what you receive in housing allowance equals the amount you spent for housing, if not you may have to pay income tax on part of your allowance (any question on this, call me)


  1. **Unreimbursed church expenses - office supplies, books, worship supplies,  magazines & subscriptions,  vestments (purchase & cleaning), seminars & education, supervision expenses.  


  1. Auto expenses (unreimbursed)- total business miles driven for year, leasing fees, gas, repairs, auto purchases.   Amount of any auto allowances included in your compensation. 


  1. Professional travel expenses - hotels, parking, taxis, airlines, meetings, meals & entertainment (50% deductible).   


  1. Other professional items which may be received or paid.                


**Unreimbursed business expenses can be important for saving money on your self employment tax, so be sure to include all items you paid for yourself.